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Rabbi Avraham Jacobovitz


Rabbi Avraham Jacobovitz, a native of Tel Aviv, Israel, studied at Slobodka Rabbinical College and received his ordination from the Mirrer Yeshiva Central Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Upon moving to Detroit in 1977, he continued his postgraduate Rabbinical studies.

Rabbi Jacobovitz founded Machon L’Torah, the Jewish Learning Network of Michigan, in 1980 to expose Jews of all walks of life to the beauty and depth of the Jewish heritage, the Torah, and its teachings. The Jewish Learning Network, while reaching out to Jews of all backgrounds and all ages, focused its main efforts on young adults and the many thousands of students throughout college campuses in the state of Michigan and neighboring states. In the fall of 1996, the Jewish Learning Network established the Jewish Resource Center at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The Jewish Resource Center serves the university’s nearly 6,500 Jewish students, its Jewish faculty and the members of Ann Arbor’s Jewish community.

In 2001, Rabbi Jacobovitz formed Jewish Awareness AMerica (JAAM). JAAM is a national awareness program for Jewish students across North America’s universities.  Though initiated only four years ago, JAAM’s accomplishments to date constitute a breakthrough in the field of college outreach.  Its flagship program, the Maimonides Jewish Leaders Fellowship, is by far the fastest growing Jewish leadership training project in the United States and Canada. Rabbi Jacobovitz currently serves as the national director for JAAM.
JAAM currently operates on 21 universities throughout the United States and Canada and is in the process of developing the Maimonides Jewish Leadership at five major colleges this coming school year.

In 2004, Rabbi Jacobovitz launched the Yeshivalite program project, a uniquely designed Yeshiva for individuals who desire to gain learning skills and experience the Yeshiva life in a warm environment with caring, focused, and high caliber staff. It is specifically tailored for those with a limited time period in which to accomplish the above. After its initial extraordinary success in the summer of 2005, this project offers more options and a further improved curriculum.

Rabbi Jacobovitz lectures extensively throughout North America’s colleges under JAAM’s auspices, on behalf of the Hillel student centers, and for numerous student organizations. He also lectures nationally on the subjects of college outreach, intermarriage, and Jewish law, customs, and thought. Rabbi Jacobovitz is the author of the soon to be published book entitled, Intermarriage, Why Not?

Rabbi Jacobovitz and his wife Bayla are the loving parents and grandparents of their nine children and ten grandchildren. They currently reside in Oak Park, Michigan.

Rabbi Dovid Maier Bausk

A native of Kew Gardens, NY, Rabbi Bausk and his family moved to East Northport, Long Island where his father, Rabbi Chaim Bausk, founded a community outreach synagogue. He attended the Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva High School. Upon graduation, Rabbi Bausk studied in Israel at the Mercaz HaTorah Yeshiva under the guidance of Rabbi Aryeh Rottman. Returning to the U.S., Rabbi Bausk continued his rabbinical studies at the Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva in Queens, N.Y. where he received his rabbinical ordination. Rabbi Bausk was involved in various educational projects and gained his reputation as a top-notch talmudic scholar and extraordinarily talented educator.

In late 2005, Jewish Awareness America invited Rabbi Bausk to join its educational efforts on the University of Michigan campus as a senior lecturer. In the short time since joining JAAM, Rabbi Bausk has already greatly impacted the lives of many Jewish U of M students. Rabbi Bausk’s expertise in teaching Gemara and Chumash skills to beginners is truly exceptional. Rabbi Bausk, his wife Dassie, and their five children reside in Southfield, Michigan.

Rebbetzin Bayla Jacobovitz

Rebbetzin Bayla Jacobovitz, a native of Brooklyn NY, is an alumnus of Bais Yaakov Intensive Teacher’s Seminary. Rebbetzin Jacobovitz served as an educator in the Ahiezer and Magen David elementary schools in Brooklyn, NY, and Yeshiva Beth Yehudah in Southfield, MI. Upon moving to Oak Park, MI, she became a co-founder of Machon L’Torah, the Jewish Learning Network of Michigan, and serves as the director of the women’s division of the Jewish Learning Network.

Rebbetzin Jacobovitz has lectured nationally on topics for numerous groups including Hadassah, ORT, and the Jewish Federation of Metro Detroit. Rebbetzin Jacobovitz was instrumental in developing Jewish Awareness America’s vision and currently serves as senior lecturer at JAAM’s Maimonides Jewish Leaders Fellowship program.

In addition to her many communal responsibilities, Rebbetzin Jacobovitz is a spiritual mentor to hundreds of women in the greater Detroit area and in numerous other locales. Her unique vision and insights are a source of inspiration to many.

Mrs. Jacobovitz is married to Rabbi Avraham Jacobovitz and is the beloved mother of nine children and grandmother of numerous grandchildren.

Mrs. Shoshana Serebrowski

Shoshana Serebrowski, a native of Oak Park, MI, is a graduate of Detroit’s Beth Jacob School. Upon graduating high school, she joined the world renowned Beth Jacob seminary of Jerusalem under the guidance of Rebbetzin Bruria David where she received her degree in Jewish education. Mrs. Serebrowski joined the teaching team of Yeshivas Darchei Torah in Southfield, MI, where she gained her reputation as a most talented teacher and mentor.

Upon her marriage to Rabbi Moshe Serebrowski, she settled in Jerusalem, Israel. Mrs. Serebrowski was asked to join the Midreshet Rachel Women’s College of Jewish Studies, where she currently teaches a regular course. Mrs. Serebrowski’s exceptional teaching talents, coupled with her sensitivity, warmth, and care for others, provides a unique combination of qualifications to join the YeshivaLite line-up of excellent teachers. Mrs. Serebrowski, her husband, and their three children reside in Romema, Jerusalem.

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